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The Highwaykick 1 Lifestyle is the perfect companion for children aged from 1 to 5 years. Thanks to its stability given by 2 front wheels and 1 rear wheel, the Highwaykick 1 Lifestyle allows even the youngest children to move, while sitting safely and comfortably. 

The Highwaykick 1 Lifestyle can be modified from kickboard to seat without the use of any tools. It's available in four unique colors, and comes with a small storage box that can be used to carry toys, snacks, or any treasures found on the way!

The seat height is the lowest of all kickboards available on the market, and can be adjusted with no tools. 

The Highwaykick 1 Lifestyle also offers a safety pad to prevent rollover, for additional safety. 


Recommended age: 1 to 5 years 

Recommended height: 82-118 cm / 32-46”

Recommended weight: 20kg / 44lbs on seat; 50kg / 110lbs on deck

Seat height: 22,5-29cm / 8-11" adjustable

Handle bar: 57-64cm / 22-25" adjustable

storage box

to carry their favorite toys!


2in1 kickboard with seat

transforms from ride-on to kickboard. No tools required.

seat height adjustment

3 height adjustments.

No tools required.


handle bar height adjustment

3 height adjustments.

No tools required. 

safety pad

the safety pad offers more safety by minimizing the possibility of tipping over.

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